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Razuna adds a sophisticated digital asset management system to your workflow

Razuna DAM lets you centralize all your digital assets, automate and streamline your workflow, publish your assets directly to the web and collaborate with your team on all your assets.

Watch how Razuna makes it easy to find and manage assets

This is a short tutorial video, which will show you how to add assets (images, videos, audio and documents) to Razuna. You can add assets directly from you harddrive, from email or via FTP. The tutorial will also show you some basic metadata handling and how to convert and transcode images and video. If you are not able to watch the YouTube Video below, try the Vimeo video.

(More videos are available on the Razuna videos page)

Manage digital assets of all formats

Razuna lets you manage and publish digital assets independently from any format. We support video, images, audio and many more file formats. Manage and access all your digital media assets in one location at any time.

Images, Videos and Audios can be individually converted to other formats within Razuna. This allows you to deliver the correct content to the right device on the fly. Pass on direct URLs to your customers and/or generate a public webpage with a collection of assets.

Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution

Collaborate, access and share

Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution

Share any folder or collection with your group in a public space or within Razuna. With the commenting and discussion feature you can give appropriate feedback for each asset.

You can let users look at your assets with sharing a folder or collection. You can assign permissions to allow downloading of assets or enable the ordering (lightbox) option. You can even let them upload to your shared folder directly without the need for a login.

Highly sophisticated search

With Razuna you cannot only store your digital assets but also search and find them again! Razuna does not only search the title or description of your documents, but does a full index search of the whole document. We even take it one step further and index available metadata within your assets.

Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution

Cataloging made easy

Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution

Razuna integrates into your publishing workflow and captures, displays and writes metadata (XMP/ITPC/EXIF, etc.). This way you can add keywords and description that travel with your assets. It now also captures all metadata from different documents, videos and audio files.

To make information consistent across your media library Razuna uses the XMP standard. XMP is a open standard that is being used by all major vendors.

Other Core Features

Drag-and-Drop Uploads

Drag assets directly from your desktop to the upload window. You can also select many assets in one go. Razuna will also add files from your FTP server, by eMail or create a link to your existing file server.

Automatic thumbnail conversion

When you add assets to Razuna it will automatically create thumbnails, poster images and playable audio files of your original asset.

Scheduled Tasks

Setup scheduled tasks that automatically scan and add your FTP site or your local storage for new content. This will bend Razuna into your IT infrastructure and it will become a natural part of your workflow.

Batch processing

The batch processing allows you to edit metadata of many assets in a single process. Furthermore, you can batch the encoding to many formats for a file in one step.

Web & Desktop integration

Optional integration into Wordpress is available with the freely available Wordpress plugin. Also, the Razuna Desktop application lets you access your digital library directly.

Developer rejoice

Developers are free to use our API and integrate Razuna into their custom solutions for enhanced productivity. Developers should head to our dedicated page.


Razuna is a web-based application and all you need is a standard web-browser to use it. Razuna works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and other. Razuna Server can be deployed in Windows, MaxOS X and Linux.

Broad Database support

Razuna comes with a high performance embedded JAVA database. If you want you can use it with your Oracle Database, the IBM DB2 database, MS SQL or MySQL. Our powerful import/export tool makes migration between servers and databases an comfortable task.

Converting assets

Assets can be converted to a desired format within Razuna. No need for any 3rd party application. Select the video, image or audio file and Razuna will present you with a list of available formats to convert it to.

Shared folders

Each folder can be turned into a public workspace for you and your team or made public. Users can comment and discuss and upload additional assets to the folder.

Robust access control

Razuna makes it easy to define access control for each folder. The group permissions puts you in control who can access your sensitive information. Users only see the folders and collection that they should see. No fuzz.

Version Management

Optionally you can create a new asset of your original asset and upload it as a new version. You can specify how many versions you would like it to keep. A list of all the versions lets you revert to a selected version.

Flexible Configuration

Whether you work in a design & advertising company, a post-production house, or a global news network, you can shape Razuna to fit your needs. You can use our hosted account, the Razuna Cloud Server or host it yourself. Moreover you can use our developer extensions for even greater customization.

Scalable Server Software

Razuna is built with scalability in mind. Build on top of a open standard architecture (the same one that MySpace build on) and extensibility assures that Razuna will grow with your needs. This open architecture allows us offer you already today Cloud Computing, Clustering and deploying Razuna on Enterprise solutions like IBM Websphere, DB2 or Oracle products.

Extensible Solutions

The open architecture of Razuna has been proven to be successful. Build on open standards and with proven technologies gives you and your team the confidence to deploy with the best technology there is available. Plus our team constantly improves the software to keep up with the latest.

Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution
Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution
Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution
Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution

Razuna walkthrough webinar

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