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Price / year
( incl. application, database, and staging server(1) )

$8,500 $15,500 $7,750
Support period

12 month 12 month 12 month
Subscription features
Web-based case management
Guaranteed response time 24 hours 12 hours 12 hours
Bug Fix Warranty
Feature Request Priotorization
Emergency bug fix escalation
Discount on customization
Consultative support
Installation troubleshooting
Remote troubleshooting
Architectural Advise 6 hours 6 hours
Performance tuning
Customer code review: Application
Customer code review: database
Installation included (remote, max 6h, 1 server) $1,450/day
Additional Features
WorkFlow Plugin
(Price per year)
$4500 $4500 $3000
(Price per year)
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
* Business hours are: Mo-Fr. 9 am-6 pm (USA, MST)
* Bug fix warranty guarantees a fix within 14 business days from date of confirmation
* Hourly rates are $150 for support, $180 for development, $250 for consultative support

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