Leverage the Cloud platform for your own digital asset management system

The very same Razuna that you came to love and depend on, scales with your Cloud expansion plans. Instead of you having to buy expensive hardware and an additional IT support you can leverage existing Cloud solutions.

Did you know that you can get your very own Razuna Cloud Server up and running with us? The very same company that brings you Razuna, has a very attractive offering for deploying Razuna for you. Head over to our dedicated Server section to find out more.


Amazon and Eucalyptus support

Cloud Storage

Out of the box, Razuna stores all of your assets on the local server or on your SAN. But if you plan to move your assets to a Cloud Storage Provider you can do so with a single click within Razuna. It offers support for the famous Amazon S3 storage infrastructure. Razuna also supports your plan to build your own Private Cloud with Eucalyptus.

Amazon S3

Razuna works with buckets and stores all your assets within Razuna in your desired bucket. Each host can use its own bucket and settings.


The Eucalyptus infrastructure software enables enterprises and government agencies to establish their own cloud computing environments.

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) gives you access to your assets faster since it tries to store the assets at a location nearest to you. This ensures scalability, lower bandwidth usage and better performance.

Razuna can take advantage of of the built in CDN of the Amazon Cloudfront service by Amazon.

Razuna fully supports the fully-managed cloud storage for the enterprise, powered by a global network of storage nodes that intelligently stores, delivers, and processes storage requests in the best network location for maximum performance.

Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution
Digital Asset Management System, Media Asset Management Solution

Deploy on your virtualization platform

Razuna DAM, build on open standards, can be deployed on your favorite virtual platform. With our "Build your own virtual server" program, you can build your own Razuna virtual image, no matter if you are using VMWare, Parallels, Amazon EC2, XEN, KVM or VirualIron.

Note: By clicking on the link you will be taken to the Razuna portal of the Elastic Server Web site. There you can configure your Razuna virtual server, add the packages you need and build your own Razuna server (which then can be deployed anywhere).

Razuna walkthrough webinar

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Razuna Hosted Edition

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