Razuna Wordpress plugin

Razuna is the perfect companion for managing all your assets in the most convenient way. Wordpress is the perfect blog and CMS for maintaining your Web site and your blog.

Razuna & Wordpress

The Razuna Wordpress plugin allows you to choose assets within Razuna on your Wordpress powered site. There is no need to upload or import them to Wordpress.

Download and install

If you are running a Wordpress site, we encourage you to install the plugin now. It is also available within Wordpress! Simply search for Razuna and the plugin will show up.

This is a brief introduction video about the Razuna Wordpress plugin (If you are not able to watch the YouTube Video below, try the Vimeo video)

Razuna walkthrough webinar

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Razuna Hosted Edition

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Need help?

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"We just switched from a very expensive DAM to Razuna. Wow, you guys hit it right on."

CIO of Fortune 500 company